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Welcome to the Consumerium test wiki

This wiki is run in a wiki family and shares its user database from the Consumerium developent wiki and when you login you will be logged in to both wikis.

The data model underlying the Wikibase

Related useful extensions

Wikibase extension

Wikibase ( is a system for storing and querying structured data that powers Wikidata and other wikis.

This wiki has enabled both the Wikibase Repository and the Wikibase Client Mediawiki extensions.

  1. The Wikibase Repository component allows a wiki to work as a repository for structured data much like Wikidata.
  2. The Wikibase Client allow (multiple) wikis to access a Wikibase Repository. The client can work only with repository databases it can access directly so they must be on the same machine or use remote secure connection to the database server or the database to be on the same load balancer.

Wikibase installation instructions at and advanced configuration of Wikibase.

The installation instructions assume you are installing the dependencies with Composer, a PHP package manager that makes the installation of dependencies easy.